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The main website of the College is which comprehensively reflects all aspects of the College. We opened this portal mainly for the purpose of carrying out the online activities of the College. Students’ new admission, re-admission, casual admission, examination form fill up, deposit of various fees by the students are operated through this portal. We have prepared different modules for each of these activities and activate them at the appropriate time. For example, at the time of New Admissions in the College we activate the module for New Admission and as soon as admissions are over, we temporarily close that module. Students’ database and records of accounts of online financial transactions are also maintained in this portal. Apart from offering online classes to the students through video conferencing, development of E-Content of the programmes/courses offered in the College is one of our key focussed areas. For this purpose, the teachers are engaged in preparation of ‘Study materials’ and ‘Class videos’. We have been uploading these E-contents in this portal for the benefit of students of our College in particular and the Students community in general.

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